Ballarat is bringing the beards back! Register and compete.
Put down the razor and let the face rug grow. That's the message from the Ballarat Beard and Moustache Union, who in conjunction with Ballarat Heritage Weekend, are bringing back some of the best beards in the country for Ballarat’s Beard and Stache Competition.

With four categories to be judged (and more than $1000 in cash and prizes up for grabs) you’re going to want to get involved. Showcase your fantastic chin wear and upper lip warmers – everyone is encouraged to register for their chance to win and be forever captured in facial hair folklore. And don’t despair if your face has no hair, there’s plenty of entertainment including the hilarious Nick Cody, craft beverages, market stalls, a barbeque and whiskey masterclasses to keep you entertained.

Register your beard or mo now, or just come along and enjoy the fun.
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Full Beard Natural - 10cm and over (measured from bottom lip) As nature intended - full facial hairiness, maintained and groomed, beard oil welcomed.

Partial Beard All forms of facial hair where a section is removed. (goatees, flavour savers, chops, sideys, ect. - Styling aids allowed)

Verdi Under 10cm in length (measured from bottom lip). The Verdi is all about presentation. Short, round and well groomed. Styling aids allowed.

Best Moustache (top lip coverage only - ala Tom Selleck.) Styling aids allowed.

Just for Fun We're holding a freestyle showcase for those who want to display a little creativity! Product & styling allowed with giveaways for those who dare to show some flair!

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